Friday, January 16, 2009

Our car story (hopefully, the final chapter)

In December, I posted about the trials of our old minivan. The weekend before Christmas, Husband and I left the babies with my parents for a couple of hours, determined not to return without a new car. We found one we liked and we bought it, although it was a little more than we had planned on spending. (Keep in mind we had only bought Husband's new car the month before!)

(And when I say "new" car, I mean new to us. We each got used cars.)

Anyway, we ended up financing part of the new minivan purchase, something we really don't like to do. So our goal is to pay off the car loan as quickly as possible. We are paying more than the minimum payment each month in order to shrink the principal.

Shortly after we bought the car, I asked Husband what he thought we should do with the rebate checks that I get from all my great shopping deals. We threw some ideas around, like save it for vacations or something fun, like a new video camera. But then he suggested we put that extra money toward the car loan. The first month, it was only about $20, but every little bit will help so that we can once again be debt free (except for our mortgage, of course).

(By the way, the new car runs great and is perfect for out little family. I'm so grateful that it is safe, too. )

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