Friday, January 23, 2009

Free Bath & Body Works Signature Item

I hit the mall today because I am attending a double baby shower tonight and I needed some BabyGap gifts, stat! Thanks to Money Saving Mom, I quickly printed off this coupon for a free signature item from Bath & Body Works, just in case the babies would let me venture in.

Bath & Body Works is having a mega sale right now. They have redesigned their signature line with all new packaging (very fancy and very beautiful), so all the "old" stuff is on sale. A lot of other items are on sale, too. Since the coupon is a free signature item with ANY purchase, I picked up a travel size of the Warm Vanilla Sugar bubble bath for $1 and then a full size of the same for my free item. My mom loves that scent (and bubble bath), so I'll probably stick it in with her birthday present (the full sized one...the travel size is for me!).

I love how finding coupons and deals like this can help me to be more generous with the people I love. Normally, that bottle of body wash would have cost $12! But now, after only paying a buck, I can give my mom something else fabulous too.

The coupon expires January 25th (Sunday), so you have a few more days to stop in and get some inexpensive goodies!

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