Thursday, January 8, 2009

December report

My budget for December was $460. It was a little hazy tracking things at the end, because Husband went to the store and didn't give me receipts a few times. After all was said and done, I went a little bit over, but I'm going to call it a wash since it was the holidays and we were under on our holiday budget.

January's budget is $440. I'm already having a bit of a tough time, but I think things will calm down the next couple weeks. Coming back from vacation you always get out of your habits, etc. My goal still is to get the budget down to $400/month, which I think will be doable for us.

We are trying to improve our eating habits, which can be more expensive than the good old packaged foods standbys. I'm trying to think more creatively to come up with better snacks and meals.

How have your budget strategies changed for 2009?

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