Monday, February 16, 2009

Dinner this week...

After a less than spectacular round of recipes last week, I'm going back to some old stand-bys. I am trying the cauliflower soup for the first time, though. However, Pioneer Woman's recipes have never failed me in the past...

Monday: Creamy White Chili with turkey, cornbread

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Taco salad with Fritos (purchased for $1 at Safeway last week!)

Thursday: Trader Joe's marinated King Salmon, Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

Friday: ...still thinking about that one...probably eat out

Saturday: Pizza & salad

Sunday: Pioneer Woman's Mom's Cauliflower Soup, Cheddar biscuits

What are you having for dinner this week?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Safeway deals, 02/11-02/17

Welcome Grocery Gatherers! Here are the weekly deals for Safeway. These prices are valid Wednesday, February 11 through Tuesday, February 17. I am using a Northern California ad. Your prices and coupons may vary.

President's Day 4 Day Sale: These prices are only good Saturday, Feb. 14 through Tuesday, Feb. 17.

  • All American Two Flavor Pie (cherry/apple): $3.99

  • Starbucks Coffee, 12oz.: $5.99

  • Safeway Select ice cream: $2.49

  • 3-lb. bag fuji or braeburn apples: $0.99 each.

Coupon Match-ups:

  • Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Cookie Pouches, or Frosting: Buy 2, get 3 free (5/$4.98). Use $0.40 off cookie mix from 02/08 General Mills insert. Use $0.50 off frosting from 02/08 GM insert.

  • Charmin bath tissue, 6 mega or 12 big bath rolls, or Bounty Paper Towels, 6 or 8 rolls: $6.99. Use $0.25 off Charmin from 02/08 P&G insert. Use $0.25 off Bounty from 01/18 and 02/08 P&G inserts.

  • Huggies Big Pack Diapers: $20.99. Use $1.50 from 01/11 or 02/08 SS.

  • Nabisco large snack crackers: $3.99. Use $2/2 from 01/25 SS.

  • Hunt's Canned tomatoes: 10/$10. Use $0.40/2 from 01/18 SS.

  • Post Honey Bunches of Oats: 2/$7. Use $1/2 from 01/25 SS.

  • Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn: Buy one, get one free (2/$3.69). Use $1/2 from 01/18 SS.

  • Powerade: $0.88. Use $0.40 off Powerade Zero from 01/04 SS. (exp. 02/15)

  • Trident Gum: Buy one, get one free (2/$1.49). Use $0.75 from 01/18 SS.

  • Quaker Chewy Granola bars: $2.22. Use $1/2 from 01/04 RP.

  • Swiffer Dust & Shine: $3.99. Use $0.50 from 01/18 P&G.

  • Gain or Cheer Laundry Detergent: $4.99. Use $0.50 off Gain from 01/18 P&G insert.

  • Downy or Bounce fabric softener: $5.99. Use $0.50 off Downy from 02/08 P&G insert. Use $0.25 off Bounce from 02/08 P&G insert.

  • Yoplait Go-gurt: 2/$5. Use $1 printable here.

  • Pillsbury Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls: 2/$6. Use $0.55 off cinnamon rolls from 01/04 GM insert. Use $0.40 off cinnamon rolls from 02/08 GM insert. Use $0.35 off crescent rolls from 12/07 SS, 01/25 SS, or $0.25 off in 01/04 GM insert.

  • Pillsbury Frozen breakfast: $2.79. Use $0.35 off Toaster Strudel from 01/04 and 02/08 GM inserts.

  • Aveeno skin care: 20% off. Use $1 or $1.50 from 01/25 RP.

  • Olay Bar or Body Wash: $5.99. Use $1/1 from 01/18 P&G insert. Use $1/2 from 02/08 P&G insert.

  • Crest Advanced Whitestrips: $34.99. Use $10 from 02/08 P&G insert.

  • Sudafed or Benadryl: $4.49. Use $1.50 from 12/07 RP.

  • Tylenol Cold and Sinus: $5.99. Use $1 from 01/04 RP.

  • Slim Fast Optima Shakes: $5.99. Use $1.25 from 01/04 RP.

  • Kotex: $4.99. See 01/11 SS for several Kotex coupons.

  • Star Kist Pouch Product: 3/$4. Use Buy 2, get one free from 01/04 RP.

Super Coupons: There are several coupons in this week's ad, however there is a limit of one per transaction ($10 minimum) unless otherwise noted. Also, some of the coupons require that 2 or 4 items be purchased, so read the coupon carefully!

  • Hillshire Farm Thin or Hearty Sliced Lunchmeat: 3/$8.

  • Hormel Pork Tenderloin or Filet (1.15 to 1.7lb.): $4.99 each. Use $1 off Hormel Always Tender Product from 02/08 SS.

  • Mission Tortilla Chips: $0.99.

  • Sun Maid 6-pack seedless raisins: $0.99.

  • Signature Cafe Soups, 24oz.: $3.99

  • Safeway Bath Tissue or Paper Towels: $4.99.

  • Safeway Variety Breads: $1.49.

  • Phillips Shrimp Steamers: $4.99. Use $1.75 or $1 from 01/25 SS.

  • Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats or Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks: 4/$6. Must buy 4. Use $1.50/2 mini wheats from 01/18 RP. Use $0.75 printable for fruit snacks here. Use $0.50/2 fruit snacks from 01/04 GM insert.

  • Safeway Clear Sparkling Beverage or Soda: $0.49.

  • Vitaminwater Variety pack: $9.99

  • Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent: 2/$7. Must buy 2.

  • Wesson Cooking Oil: 2/$5. Must buy 2.

  • Red Baron Single Serve Pizza or Tony's Pizza: 2/$4. Must by 2. Use $1/2 from 01/11 SS.

  • Listerine Mouthwash: $1.99. Use $0.50 from 02/08 RP.

Other Sweet Deals:

  • 1-lb. sweet strawberries: 2/$6.

  • Jumbo Yellow or White onions: $0.49/lb.

  • Texas Red Grapefruit: 2/$1

  • Sweet Red or Green Seedless grapes: $0.88/lb.

  • Large hothouse tomatoes: $0.98/lb.

  • Safeway canned fruit: 10/$10.

  • O Organics milk, 1/2 gallon: $2.99.

Power Pump rewards are still accumulating so check your receipt to see how close you are!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Organic on the cheap

I've been thinking a lot about eating healthier lately and especially for my babies. They drink organic milk and I buy mostly organic fruits and vegetables for them, but I still have been trying to "healthify" our meals. I think I had a major "light bulb moment" when I watched the Oprah show a few weeks ago that featured the overweight teens. Dr. Oz was talking about some of the foods to avoid (like white foods: sugar, flour, rice) and really reading labels.

Also, a few months ago, Dr. Oz was on again and asked the audience to select three foods to eliminate from their diet and three foods to add to their diet. After watching that episode, Husband and I read a few of the labels in our pantry and realized we needed to do better. Our three items to eliminate were: soda (which we really don't drink all that much anyway), bread that doesn't meet the "healthy" criteria, and cereal that doesn't meet the "healthy criteria". Our three items to add to our diet were: walnuts (good source of Omega-3), more fish (thus the once a week fish item on our dinner menu), and more vegetables (thus the subscription to the CSA).

As I started to buy more of these healthy items, I realized that I could get processed food really cheap (sometimes free!) but healthier items were going to be more expensive and my grocery budget was going to have to shift to make that adjustment.

One way that I integrate more organic and healthy-for-you foods is by shopping at Trader Joe's. I'm a big fan and the more I shop there, the more I love it. Their produce is often less expensive than the grocery chains or even Whole Foods. They carry both conventional and organic varieties, which allows you to realize that organic is not always that much more expensive.

Signing up for the CSA isn't necessarily cheaper. However, it "forces" me to add more fruits and vegetables to my family's diet, which is something I might not be motivated to do on my own. Also, I know the produce is picked in the last day or so and has not traveled from Chile or Mexico or even Texas to get to my table. The nutrients I need are still in the food! I'm willing to pay a little extra for these benefits.

Now I've heard that Costco is starting to jump on the organic bandwagon, but it has been ages since I've been there. I'm hoping to take a trip there soon to do some research (and maybe get a few free samples!), so I'll let you know what I find.

For those of you who already get great organic stuff on the cheap, how do you do it?

***I'm picking up our first CSA order today, so I'll give you a report later in the week!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dinner this week...

I'm really excited to start our CSA this week (Tuesday). I'm integrating my CSA items into my dinner plan, so I've got a few new recipes to try! Here's what our week looks like:

Monday: Three Pepper Halibut, black beans, rice

Tuesday: Farfalle with golden beets, beet greens & pine nuts; salad, yummy bread

Wednesday: Turkey pot pie (using leftover turkey from Saturday's dinner)

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Top round London Broil steaks, potato parsnip puree, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, chocolate dessert (our Valentine's dinner)

Saturday: Dinner at friends' house

Sunday: Creamy White Chili (using more leftover turkey!)

What are you having for dinner this week?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Safeway deals 02/04-02/10

Welcome Grocery Gatherers! Here are the current deals for Safeway. Prices are good from Wednesday, February 4th through Tuesday, February 10th. I am using a Northern California ad. Your prices and coupons may vary.

Amazing $1 Deals

These items are only $1 each!

  • 1-lb. Eating Right Baby Peeled Carrots

  • Colored Bell Peppers, 1lb.

  • Lucerne Flavored Milk, 16oz.

  • Safeway Premium Breads

  • Kellogg's Pop-Tarts, 8ct.: Use $1/2 from 01/18 RP.

  • Balance Bars

  • Safeway Select Artisan French Breads

  • Rice a Roni: Use $1/4 from 01/04 RP.

  • Dial Liquid Soap: Use $0.35 from 01/04 SS.

  • Suave: See 01/11 RP for several Suave coupons.

  • Lucerne Brick Cream Cheese, 8oz.

  • Oscar Mayer Basic Lunchables

  • Cornish Game Hens, Frozen Twin Pack ($1/lb.)

  • Roma Tomatoes, 1lb.

  • Kellogg's Fruit Snacks (Limit 8): Use $1/2 from 02/01 RP.

  • Fritos or Cheetos

Coupon Match-ups

  • 5-lb. Clementine Mandarin Oranges: $4.88. Use $1 from 02/01 SS on Cuties.

  • Kellogg's Frosted Flakes: $1.99. Use $1.50/2 from 01/18 RP.

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal: $1.99. Use $0.55 printable here.

  • Ball Park Meat Franks: 2/$5. Use $1/2 from 01/25 RP.

  • Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage: 2/$6. Use $1/2 from 01/11 SS.

  • Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice, 89oz.: $4.99. Use $1/2 from 01/04 RP.

  • All Detergent: $4.49. Use $0.40 from 01/04 RP.

  • Kraft Salad Dressing: 2/$5. Use $1/2 from 01/18 SS.

  • Nature Valley Granola Bars: 2/$6. Use $0.60 printable here. Or use $0.50 from 01/04 General Mills insert.

  • Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs: 2/$5. Use $0.35/2 from 01/11 SS.

  • Ziploc Storage Bags: $3.49. Use $1/2 or $0.40/1 from 01/11 SS.

  • Yoplait Yogurt: 10/$7. Use $0.40/6 from 01/04 General Mills insert.

  • Dannon Activia: 2/$5. Use $1 from 01/11 SS.

  • Nestle Cookie Dough: 2/$6. Use $1 from 02/01 RP.

  • Old Spice Deodorant: $2.99. Use $1 from 12/28 P&G insert.

  • Tylenol, selected varieties: $5.99. See 01/04 RP for several Tylenol coupons.

  • Mucinex: $9.99. Use $1 from 12/14 SS or 01/18 SS.

  • Colgate toothpaste, selected varieties: $0.99. Use $1 from 02/01 SS to get it FREE or use $0.75 from 02/01 SS, depending on variety on sale.

Love Your Heart

Get a free heart health screening in Safeway's pharmacy, look for heart healthy savings throughout the store, and pick up the program booklet to find over $25 in coupons (see pharmacy for details). I'm betting the coupon are good for many of the items featured in this section of the ad, so you may get even better prices than the coupon match-ups below.

  • Healthy Choice Steamers: 5/$10. Use $1/2 from 01/04 SS.

  • Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers: 2/$5. Use $1 from 01/04 SS.

  • V8 100% Vegetable Juice or V-Fusion Juice: $2.99. Use $0.50 from 01/04 SS.

  • Barilla Plus Pasta: 2/$4. Use $1/2 from 01/04 SS.

  • Kellogg's Smart Start: 2/$6. Use $1.50/2 from 01/18 RP.

  • Kellogg's Special K Red Berries: 2/$6. Use $1/2 from 01/04 RP.

  • Kellogg's Special K Bars: 2/$6. Use $1/2 from 01/04 RP.

  • Campbell's Chunky Healthy Request Soups: 2/$3. Use $0.50/2 from 01/04 SS.

  • Campbell's Healthy Request Condensed Soups: 10/$10. Use $0.40/2 from 01/04 SS or 02/01 SS.

  • Campbell's Select Harvest Soup: 2/$3. Use $0.50/2 from 12/14 SS, 01/04 SS, or 02/01 SS.

  • Other Sweet Deals:

    • Fresh Green or White Asparagus: $1.48/lb.

    • Kraft Cheese Shredded or Singles: $1.99

    • Save up to $10 on frozen restaurant brand items. See store for details.

    • Safeway Select Variety Breads: 2/$5.
    • Lucerne Milk: 2 gallons for $3.98. That's the lowest price I've seen in awhile!

    Keep racking up those power pump gas rewards. It should tell you at the bottom of your reciept how close you are!

    $5 off $20 at Rite Aid

    Friday and Saturday only (02/06 and 02/07) use this coupon to get $5 off your purchase of $20 or more at Rite Aid. Nice!

    I'll get this week's Safeway deals up later today!

    Wednesday, February 4, 2009

    January Report

    I'm not sure why it was so tough for me to stay on budget in January. I ended up going over my $440 budget by about $40. I did spend a little more on diapers this month because I got behind on the diaper deals, so I'll try to keep up better this month.

    I did get $35.98 worth of free stuff this month,though, including:

    • $9 in free gas (Safeway power pump rewards)
    • 20 pk. Electrasol power tabs
    • Cascade rinse agent (from Right @ Home coupon booklet)
    • Classico pasta sauce (rec'd free coupon from mfr.)

    I'm reducing my budget to $420 this month, which shouldn't be bad, considering there are only 28 days in this month! I signed up for a 4 week trial subscription to a CSA (community supported agriculture) and am really excited for it to start next week. I'm splitting it with my sister to save some money and to make sure that we use all that produce. I'll give you a report on how well it works for us. I'm hoping that by centering more of our meals around fresh produce, we will reduce our food budget.

    I feel like I've gotten a little discouraged with my food budget because I'm having trouble finding the time to gather and organize my coupons, thus forgetting them before my shopping trips. Or I find out the item I've purchased is on sale the next week. Before my babies went to one nap, I used to plan my shopping during their second nap, but now that it's consolidated into one, I find myself using that time for other things! I know I need to get into a better schedule...they're not the only ones making the adjustment!

    I hope you did well on your budgets for January. With the new month comes the chance to do better than before!

    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    Dinner this week...

    So Menu Planning Monday has been moved to Tuesday...with a sick baby these last few days, it's been a bit hectic! (She seems to be on the mend.) So here's what our week looks like:

    Monday: Creamy Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas, rice, salad

    Tuesday: Leftovers

    Wednesday: Salmon & Asparagus Risotto, salad, delicious bread

    Thursday: Eggs Florentine, fruit

    Friday: Date night

    Saturday: Turkey dinner (hopefully I won't forget to pull it out of the freezer this time!), mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, homemade rolls

    Sunday: Turkey dinner leftovers

    What are you having for dinner this week?