Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Earn Money Taking Surveys

Okay, this is not a gimmick. Seriously. A few years ago, I started trying to find ways to earn a little money (or "prizes") by doing online surveys. But I was really scared about scams, since there are so many out there.

I recently received a check for $150 for doing a survey right before Christmas. It was four days of answering questions, but I'd say it was worth it! This was my only BIG money maker, but I've gotten lots of little checks and prizes that certainly add up.

So if you're interested in doing this yourself, here are the sites that I use myself and can vouch for. I have taken surveys and have been compensated (some in the form of money, others give points that you turn in for prizes). If you have any that you have personally used, let us know! (No, I don't get any compensation for telling you guys about these companies.)

1. Valued Opinions: I've only been with this company for about a year. They email you an invitation to a survey and there's a chance that you won't qualify, based on your answers. In the email, they tell you how long the survey should take and how much the compensation is. It is usually around $1 to $4. The most I've made on one of their surveys is $9. Your money accumulates until you reach enough to cash out for a prize. The prizes are giftcards in the amount of $20 or $25. I always choose the $20 Amazon.com giftcard. I have received 3 since August of last year and I use the giftcards to buy books for my little ones.

2. American Consumer Opinion: This is the one that I got the big bucks from. They recently changed their compensation system so that you can choose to wait to get your money cashed out when it is more to avoid having to cash a bunch of $2 and $3 checks. You can request your check any time you want. They email you an invitation to a survey and they tell you how much you will get paid and how long it will take. I've never not qualified for the surveys. You may also get screening questionnaires that you don't get paid for, but they are usually less than 10 questions and they are used to better select surveys for you. You are also entered into a drawing for each survey you complete.

3. E-Poll : This one sends you invitations to surveys and rewards you with points. The more points you have, the better the rewards you can get. Previously I have gotten movie tickets with my points, but now I'm saving up for a Target or Olive Garden giftcard. Other stores are on there too. If you can't hold out that long, I think you can get a pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream with the lowest tier of points! You usually get about 500 points per survey, so the points can add up quickly.

These are the three that I use on a regular basis and I've been happy with each of these companies. I take a survey about once a week between all three of them. It's fun to answer the questions and it's even more fun to get my checks in the mail!


sarahespn said...

How did you get invited by valued opoins? How would I sign up if I wanted to?

Courtney said...


That's a good question! When I signed up last year, I just went to the website. Now it looks like you need to be invited. Let me know if you find a way to do that!