Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sad eyes

I had a busy morning. My baby girl had her one year checkup. Then we had park day. Then we had some quick grocery shopping to do. (Note to self: Shopping with all three babes is never "quick"...even when your list has only 5 items.)

I got the cool shopping cart with the car on the front so the twins could entertain themselves while I shopped. I even gave them books to peruse. Somehow, the itch to get out and cause havoc got to them...and it all came to a head at checkout.

It wasn't anything that I haven't been through before: wandering away, picking up every piece of candy at the checkout, touching the self-scanner so it won't work (why do I go through those lines?!), the ONE coupon I had didn't work so I had to rescan all my items (and didn't buy the item with the coupon).

By the time we got out to the car, I was DONE. Get in the car. Get in your seat. Please don't whine. I turned up the music to help drown out the sound of little voices, the pitying and sad glances of passers-by at the grocery store flashing in my mind and making my blood boil a bit.

Sad? Don't be sad for me. Yes, I had a rather arduous trip to the grocery store. But I'm not sad. My life as a mommy is far from glamorous, but I make up for that in payments of kisses and hugs.

It's all about balance: tempering the hard times with the good, blocking out the lack of sleep and the ruined wardrobe and the piles of dirty laundry that lurk around every corner. Replacing those with images of popsicle smiles and snuggling your once-tiny babe into your squishy tummy (who needs rock hard abs?).

Every day the challenge begins anew to love and teach and guide my little ones and take a deep breath when they spill the milk or say "it's mine!" one hundred times.

Sad? No, don't be sad for me.

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