Sunday, June 20, 2010

Super Savings Saturday

Friday I went to a new Safeway that I've been wanting to check out. It's smaller and geared more toward "city living". They touted superb produce, so I thought I'd check it out...with my three kids in tow.
I was just getting a watermelon and a cantaloupe for a Father's Day fruit salad. Then I saw a little cart piled with Pampers. As I got closer, I saw the 50% off sticker on each of them.

The Jumbo packs ended up being $5 each and the big box was $11. Then I remembered that I had a ton of Pampers coupons waiting to be used. I put five jumbo packs and one big box in my stroller and headed to the checkout.

To make a long and exhausting story short: my tiny babe was pretty much okay, one twin was whining the entire time I was at the checkout while the other twin did a little dance for everyone. The checker was not as familiar with things as I was and I kept having to tell him what to do. Finally, when I handed over my six $2 coupons off the Pampers, he wouldn't let me use them! I told him to go ahead and ask the manager, thinking for sure she would agree with me. Nope, she told him not to let me use the coupons. At this point, I was over it, so I took my 1/2 off diapers (which was a good deal anyway, but could have been a GREAT deal) and left the store.

I do plan to write a letter to the store manager about this. I also plan never to set foot in that location again!


The Henry's said...

Wow, seriously! I'd be furious! But you're right it's still a great deal!

Polly said...

Don't write or comment CALL them. My husband recently did this for me and we got 2 calls from their district customer service person and then two calls from her after she spoke to the store manager. AND THEN the store manager called and asked us to come by that morning to pick up a $25 gift card before she left for the day. They need to know how things are done.

Courtney said...

Thanks, Polly. You're right, I should call them. But I did send them a letter this week. I'll give it a little bit and then follow up. I'll be sure to keep you posted!