Monday, June 14, 2010

I like Costco

Yes, I like Costco and I'll tell you why: they do have great prices on things and I don't have to worry about coupons (unless I use their monthly coupons). Some people don't like Costco because they think they can get a better price at the regular grocery store with a sale and coupon (which is true for some items). Others don't like Costco because they think the package sizes are too big and wasteful.

Well for me, for lots of things Costco is the place to go. I thought I'd highlight some of those things, especially since I went there today.

Four gallons of apple juice: $6.59/2 gallons. There is a coupon in their coupon book for $2 off, making these $4.59/2 gallons or $1.15/half gallon. To compare, this week Safeway has 1/2 gallons of Mott's apple juice on sale for $1.49 each when you buy 8 or more participating products. $1.50/half gallon is my target price for apple juice. If I see anything lower, I try to stock up a little bit.

Two and a half pounds Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese: $7.49. To compare, Safeway has these on sale (ending today) for $7.99/2 pounds, which works out to $4/pound. Even with the $1 off coupon that I have, that brings it down to $3.50/pound and the Costco one is $3/pound. I love Tillamook cheese and have tried the "store brand" cheese. That's good, but this is better...and I'm willing to pay a little extra for it.

Two gallons organic milk: $10.49. This is the best price I've found on organic milk. Safeway's O Organics brand vascillates between $5.79 and $5.99/gallon, so every time I buy this instead, I save 54 cents/gallon, which adds up when you end up buying about two gallons per week!

Finally, 3 pounds of bananas: $1.32 or $0.44/pound. Safeway is almost always $0.79/pound for bananas. The only other place that has a great price on bananas is Trader Joe's at $0.19/each, which I think they say works out to $0.43/pound, so I buy bananas there, too.

Total spent at Costco: $28.48
What I would have spent had I bought the same stuff at Safeway: $33.27
Savings: $4.79

As you can see, sometimes it does pay to shop at Costco!

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