Saturday, December 20, 2008

After dark

I went to the grocery store tonight because we had run out of milk for the babies. I hate going to the grocery store at night, but things were so busy today that it was my only choice. The closest grocery store to me is right next to a major mall, which I should have thought about before I left. Right before I pulled in, some scuffle happened because a woman was on the ground and two guys were fighting. When I finally got out of the grocery store, there was a fire truck and other emergency personnel there. What a way to ruin the Christmas spirit, huh? It's times like these that I secretly vow to make my Christmas less commercial.

I had a $5 RR for Walgreen's that expired today, and I've been so sick this week I haven't been able to use it. I briefly thought I'd just run in and get something, just to get the benefit of the coupon. But after seeing that scene at the mall, no thanks. It's not worth it to me!

Please stay safe as you do the rest of your holiday shopping these next few days. Let's try to give everyone a little breathing room (and do our shopping in the daylight!).

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dicity said...

Walgreens generally takes the expired RR.