Friday, December 12, 2008

Secret Santa

Every year, Husband and I set aside a little bit of money to play Secret Santa for a family we feel could use a little holiday help and cheer. We both nominate families, giving our reasons, and then decide together who the recipient will be. Some years it has been a family, other years, like this one, it is a single person living alone.

I really look forward to being the Secret Santa. It is so fun to look for gifts and things that will make this person or family smile...and I expect nothing in return. I bought some Christmas cards a few years ago with Santa Claus on the front and I write a note to them as though it were from Santa himself, which I think adds to the fun of it (for them and for me).

We make up the package filled with goodies and take it over to the house one night. I creep up to the house and place it on the porch. If I think I can make it across the lawn unseen, I'll knock on the door and race down the street where Husband is waiting in the car. After all, they can't know it's from us right? Even though we don't get to see their reaction, we still get that warm, fuzzy feeling that we've done something nice for someone else.

This year, with my new found couponing skills, I'm able to get some pretty great stuff to include in this basket. I'm so excited for the night we will deliver it!

How do you share the Christmas spirit? Do you have any experiences being a Secret Santa?

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