Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spotted at Safeway

Although I scour the Safeway ads when they are delivered to my mailbox each Monday and despite the fact that I check Safeway.com for even more deals, there are tons and tons of "unadvertised" specials that I know I miss out on. So when I spot one, I know I need to share it with you!

Yesterday I went to Safeway to pick up some items for a church dinner I'm helping cook tonight (Swedish meatballs over noodles). I stopped to look at the canned fruit (for some reason, I'm not finding the best deals in the produce aisle lately). My eye fell on a tag that read "buy one, get one free". It was for a can of Dole peaches in light syrup (which is what I get for my babes). At $1.79 for two cans, I knew I couldn't pass it up. To make things a little sweeter, at checkout, I received a catalina coupon for $0.75 off 3 cans of Dole peaches, pears, or mixed fruit. You know I'm going to take this with me next time to get 4 cans for $0.71 each! The tag says that this price is good through December 25th. Pears were also buy one, get one free, but they were a little more expensive, at $2.19 for one can, which could still be a good deal, but I'd rather wait for the 10/$10 sale.

I also picked up a one pound bag of pinto beans for 99 cents. They were the only dried beans that were on sale. I plan on making the whole bag and then freezing the cooked beans, although I may wait until after the holidays for that little project.

Finally, 2 gallons of milk are now $4.25! Only a week ago, I bought two gallons for $5.19, so that's a nice little drop in price. My babies' organic milk has not gone down, though. It's still $5.99/gallon. Maybe with the drop in gas prices, milk prices will come down a little more.

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