Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Living Room Mini-Makeover

Husband and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary in November. That got me wondering if it might be time to take down our wedding picture so prominently displayed in the living room and put up some pictures of the things that have come along since then...namely our three little girls!

I finally decided to get down to business and put up some pictures. I went to Michael's to take advantage of their great sale: all frames are 40% off plus there is a coupon from Sunday's paper for an extra 25% off frames! I took all three of my babes with me to pick out the frames. I also picked up some supplies to make a letter "J" for the wall as well. Total cost for four frames, wooden letter and supplies was about 60 bucks.

Here is the before (simple, but a little blah):

And here is the after:

I already had the "family" sign up on another wall. I also already had the three-picture collage frame holding newborn pictures of my twins. I made the "J" with some scrapbook paper and modge podge on a wooden letter. Most of the pictures were taken by my friend Shannon Montez (if you are in need of a photographer in the Bay Area, you should totally check out her website.)

I just love it. It was a bit of an undertaking trying to get it all together but it was worth it. I ended up also getting rid of some clutter from around the living room to make it look a little more "brand new".

The room feels so much more pulled together now. It helps remind me that the house is not just for the kiddos. : )

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