Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Saving money for my European Tour!

I'm not a rock star, but I am planning on going to Europe next year. Two of my friends are living there with their little families and we want to go visit them in their new homelands. There are four of us girls who are going to get together and we decided to take a cruise. All four of us are married, but I'm the only one who won't be bringing my little ones along. (I need a break!)

As I checked out some potential cruises, I realized that we were going to have to save some money for this trip. Inspired by Couponing to Disney, I decided to take the money I save from coupons, rebates, surveys, and any other hair-brained schemes for money-making I can come up with and put it towards my European vacation fund. My goal is to save $1000 by the time we leave next May.

I'll track my progress for you. Maybe you'll want to start some sort of fund for yourself...

I'm starting the fund off with $50 in checks I received from rebate checks and surveys. And we're off!

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